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Climb to Maglić on St. Vitus’ Day (Vidovdan)

Climb to Maglić on St. Vitus’s Day is probably the most massive and most attractive hiking activity that takes place in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The activity is organised under the sponsorship and in cooperation with the Hiking Association of Republic of Srpska. Hundreds of hikers from all parts of ex-Yugoslavia, as well as from other countries, participate in this activity every year. The climb usually happens on the last weekend in June. The climb lasts for three days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The participants arrive on Friday in organised groups or individually using their own transportation to Prijevor, the plateau on the edge of Perućica (approx. 1,670 m asl). This location, under the peak of Maglić, is some 20 km away from Tjentište. The path leads through Perućica primeval-forest, more precisely on the edge of its closely protected reserve. Dragoš sedlo (1,266 m asl) is at the same path, with the belvedere commanding the view of Skakavac waterfall (approx. 75 m high) and the most attractive part of Perućica.

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