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OZREN MOUNTAIN is located in the northern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the region of lower mountains, between Bosna river to the west and Spreča river to the north. Further towards the south, Ozren is stretching all the way to gorgeous Krivaja river, meeting with afforested Konjuh mountain, while the slopes of Ozren are ending on the lake Modrac towards the east.  The entire area is characterized with spacey glades, rich pastures, thermo-mineral springs, clear mountain streams and rivers curving through the pine and oak forests. The climate is of moderate-continental type, with warm summers and harsh winters.

City of Doboj, is located on the foothills of Ozren at its northern side and stretched along three rivers Usora, Bosna and Spreča. Doboj is representing a railway transport hub with significant importance for the wider region of this part of Europe. Going around Ozren clockwise there are towns of Petrovo (in the Republic of Srpska) and Lukavac, Zavidovići, Maglaj (in the Federation of BIH).

There are numerous opportunities for tourists on Ozren – for sport and recreation, hunting or fishing, adventures with bikes or paragliding, agritourism, having picnics, swimming, visiting monasteries and churches, painting the landscapes, photo safary, etc.  Almost every inhabited place has some natural or cultural-historical characteristics or monument that is worth visiting. Ozren is one of very few areas with preserved authentic customs, cultural and spiritual heritage and traditional way of life. The oldest monument which symbolize entire Ozren is  the monastery of St. Nikola. This orthodox monastery was built by the Serbian King Dragutin who was ruling this area in the early middle ages. The monastery is situated seven kilometres south from Petrovo, surrounded by pine tree forest in the mountain landscape enriched by beautiful Jadrina river that is passing by. Starting from the March 2003 the Christian orthodox monastery of St. Nikola has been declared as the national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The highest peak of Ozren, called Ostravica, is 918 meters high. A wonderful spring Prenja springs under the peak of Ostravica, and flows toward north. The peak called Gostilj, at 773 meters, due to its distinctive conical shape, with steep slopes and barren top, which offers unforgettable view is the most known peak of Ozren. Gostilj is the place of frequent pilgrimage of the local people where the cross was also erected. The climb to Gostilj is a challenge for everyone wanting to prove him or herself for recreation purpose, pilgrimage or nature admire. Other important peaks of Ozren Mountain are Kraljica (883 m.a.s.l), Mala Ostravica (853 m.a.s.l.) and Ozrenski Kamen (852 m.a.s.l.).

The legend says that Queen Katarina when she arrived on the top of Ozren, was charmed with the beauty of the landscape and shouted: “Oh my God, what a beautiful view (obazraj)!” Thus, the mountain was named Ozren, from the word “ozaren”, “zren” or “obazraj”.

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