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For more experienced flyers – launch from Gostilj, Ozren.

If you feel attracted by this sport, and you’re interested into trying something brand new, with us you can learn basics of this skill through the paragliding course organised by our club. The course consists of the theoretical part, and field practice, including the tandem flight. This short course is intended to be two-day outdoor activity (depending upon weather conditions), which will help you to test yourself and determine if this beautiful sport is the right thing for you. Of course you need much more training and practice in order to become real flyer with the paraglider, which this course certainly can’t provide due to being conceived as just the first step – to make you fall in love with this sport!

You do not need any previous knowledge to fly with tandem paraglider, you just need rugged shoes and with the skilled flying of the experienced paraglider pilot your day will be unforgettable. The duration of the flight depends upon weather conditions and your wish and the flying will be done at the sites around Doboj. This is the invitation to all of you, adventurers or those who consider paragliding as dangerous sport, regardless of your age or gender. You will remember the day when you took the tandem flight as the day when you’ve enjoyed your life like never before!

Paragliding club ParaGhost from Doboj exists since 2009 and currently has approx. 15 active flyers who primarily use launch sites at Ozren. The club has all the equipment needed for this attractive sport: off-road vehicles, navigation devices, tandem wing and protective equipment, cameras, hand-held 2-way radios, etc.

Apart from the launch sites on Ozren, club members often fly from the launch site Biser Glava (Očauš mountain) in the nearby Teslić municipality.

Paraglajding klub "Paraghost" iz Doboj svake godine organizuje takmičenje u preletu paraglajderom

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