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Sport and Fishing Association (SFA) "Spreča" was founded in 2003, when we had approximately 40 members. The same number of members exists today as well. The Association was founded with the aim to be active in sport fishing, protection of rivers and the nature in general, fish-stocking and promote fishing as a sport activity.

Orlovo Lake is only few kilometres away from Petrovo, if you go upstream of the most beautiful river Jadrina. This small lake, the size of a big swimming pool, is excellent sanctuary from the summer heat, because it is located inside the natural rock formation. It is excellent place to stop and rest if you walk around or ride a bike!

Hiking club “Ozren - Kraljica 883“ has 30 members and it was established on 3rd of March 2001. It is active in Petrovo municipality and Ozren mountain.

Hunters Association “Ozren” is active in the area of Petrovo municipality, and is organised in 6 clubs, namely Petrovo, Kakmuž, Soškovac, Karanovac, Porječina and Krtova.

Hiking and Ecology Club “Preslica“ from Doboj is founded on 14th of February 2009 with the aim to maintain the hiking tradition in the Doboj municipality while continuing the operation of hiking club “Lukijana Radojčić“ and hiking group of the sport association “St. George“ from Doboj.

Since 2005 Ozren is the place of big hiking event, so called “Ozren Hiking Marathon” that turned into international event. The organisers of this Marathon are Petrovo Municipality, Municipal Sport Association and Hiking Association and hiking club “Ozren - Kraljica 883“ from Petrovo. The trails are divided according to total length, as follows:

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