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The highest peak of Ozren massif is VELIKA OSTRAVICA (918 m asl), while other significant peaks are:  Krstata Ploča (893 m asl), Kraljica (883 m asl), Bojište (848 m asl), Kamenički Vis (816 m asl), Veliki Brijeg (782 m asl), Gostilj (773 m asl), Preslica - Grebić Kosa (341 m asl).  The most important river valleys in Ozren are those of the rivers:  Jadrina (origins beneath Kraljica and joins Spreča river), Jablanica (springs in Gornja Bukovica and joins Bosna river nearby Maglaj), Bukovica (joins Turija river that flows into Modrac lake).

Hiking and Ecology Club “Preslica“ from Doboj is founded on 14th of February 2009 with the aim to maintain the hiking tradition in the Doboj municipality while continuing the operation of hiking club “Lukijana Radojčić“ and hiking group of the sport association “St. George“ from Doboj.

For more experienced flyers – launch from Gostilj, Ozren.

Paragliding club ParaGhost from Doboj exists since 2009 and currently has approx. 15 active flyers who primarily use launch sites at Ozren. The club has all the equipment needed for this attractive sport: off-road vehicles, navigation devices, tandem wing and protective equipment, cameras, hand-held 2-way radios, etc.

Traditional event named “The Days of Tea on Ozren” takes place every year, beginning of September. It takes place on Gostilj, one of the most beautiful peaks of Ozren and it is dedicated to picking “Trava Iva”. It is believed that it has great healing characteristics. Rich cultural and entertainment programme is also the part of this event, and in accordance with local customs, visitors will have the opportunity to drink famous tea made of “Trava Iva”. There’s popular folk saying about the tea - “Trava Iva – turns dying into living”.

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