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Hydrography of Ozren

22nd March – World Water Day. River valleys make natural boundaries of the Ozren region: river Bosnia to the west, river Spreča to the north, river Krivaja to the south and the Modrac Lake to the east.

The main Ozren rivrs are: Rakovac, a tributary to Bosnia river, whose mouth is in Maglaj; Bukovica (North and South), tributaries to river Turija, which again has its mouth in the Modrac Lake. River Jadrina, whose well is under the Kraljica (Queen) peak, has its mouth in Spreča, near Petrovo.

The main Spreča river tributaries are: Jadrina, Kamenička river, Prenja, Krušik creek, Duboki creek, and Jošavačka river.

Tributaries to Bosnia river are: Paklenica river, Jablanica and Velika river.

Mineral springs with healthy properties

The main Ozren water wells are in its highest central regions. Many a springs have healthy properties. Thermo-mineral waters are present in the Spreča rift zone at the localities of Boljanić, Sočkovac and Kakmuž, as well as in the western part in the village of Rječica.

Ozren Spa

Thermo-mineral and hydro-carbonated water (Calcium – Sodium – Magnesium) on the location of Sočkovac-Kakmuž in its natural state (swimming and bathing) has favorable effects on:

→inflammatory rheumatic processes
→degenerative rheumatic deseases
→post-traumatic conditions
→orthopedic surgeries, corrections and artificial joints implantations
→spinal column deformities
→hearth diseases in compensatory state
→blood circulation issues

Prenja river

This river springs from the highest peak of Ozren – Velika Ostravica (918 m above the sea). On the way to Spreča river, Prenja collects water from many a rivers and streams rolling down from other Ozren peaks. The main tributaries are Velika Prenja, Mala Prenja and Vukovac stream. Water from „Vukeljina voda” and „Krnjin točak” wells freshens by its coolness and sharpness of the healthy mountain water. Its alkaline properties (pH 12) are particularly good prevention against skin and kidney conditions. Presence of crayfish in Prenja is a confirmation of clarity of its water and preserved environment of the area.

Ozren lakes

There are two artificial lakes at Ozren: Goransko lake (belongs to Doboj) and Orlovo lake (belongs to Petrovo).

Goransko lake was built from 1971 to 1976 by the Doboj Reforesting Society. The lake is located in the village of Jošava, on the Jošava river, just under popular Preslica vacation area. This location was selected in order to supply the lake with clear and unpolluted water. Water dam on the river is 21 meters long and 5.5 meters high. Goransko lake is 270 meters long and up to 90 meters wide with depth of 5.5 meters at the lowest point.

From the seventies of  20th century this area of deciduous and coniferous forests is under development as the vacation and recreational center of a wider region.



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