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Preserve forest!

According to Dr. Eevee Karjalainen from the Finnish Forest Research Institute, many people feel relaxed and well when they are in nature, but few people know that there are scientific evidence of therapeutic effects of nature.

"The preservation of green areas and trees is very important because it helps people recover from stress and stay healthy and cure disease" - he says. Karjalainen. that will lead the session on positive effects of noise on human health at this year's World Forestry Congress in Seoul, IUFRO (International Union of Forest Research Organizations) ..

Forest walks can have a positive effect on our immune system by increasing the activity of NK (natural killer) cells to destroy cancer cells. Forests - along with other natural, green areas - can reduce stress, improve mood, reduce anger and aggression and generally increase our happiness.

Many studies show that after life situations that are stressful or require an increased concentration, people recover faster in the natural environment than in urban areas. Blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and stress hormone levels are reduced more quickly if we are in the natural environment. The same applies to the Symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit (ADHD) with children.

With the mental and emotional force of nature, more than half of the most used medicines include ingredients that come from nature. One example is taxol, which can be isolated from parts of yew (Taxus baccata), used to fight ovarian and breast tumors. Another example is xylitol, which inhibits the development of caries (destroys bacteria responsible for the development of caries), and is present in the outer bark of various plants.
International Day for the Protection of the mountain nature is 08.June!



This page is dedicated to all of you nature lovers, but above all to the potential tourists, with the aim to present experiences and adventures, friendship and emotions, natural beauties and hospitality of the people in Ozren Mountain, near Doboj. Attractive offers for your stay on this mountain, prices or any other information you can get in four languages: English, Italian (coming soon), German (coming soon) and Serbian. Feel free to contact us!

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