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Tourist eco-ethno village "Kraljevsko selo Kotromanićevo"

At 20 kilometers from Doboj to Derventa, 45 Km from the border with Croatia, at about 1 hectare farm organizations rotor, situated in a tourist ethno village "Royal Village Tvrtko I Kotromanic".

It is built on the river bank Velicanka, rich in fish and shellfish which is evidence of its purity, incorporated into the ambience of pristine nature, as on the main road from Croatia to Sarajevo and Mostar, a real home environment for transit, seminars, enjoying the ancient royal ambience the old architecture of the Bosnian kings.

The village was conceived as a place that takes you back to the former life of kings and knights in mediaeval Bosnia, recalling the life of our ancestors and their attachment to the place of origin and gender of the fireplace, their way of life. With a multitude of details collected in this area, watch replicas middle ages, using natural materials in construction, have the impression that you have returned to a life that is very much a moderate and healthier than the present.

Kontakt: ROTOR - Organizacija za razvoj turizma regije Doboj
Telefon: +387 53 207 010
Fax: +387 53 207 011
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Fb: Kraljevsko selo Kotromanićevo




This page is dedicated to all of you nature lovers, but above all to the potential tourists, with the aim to present experiences and adventures, friendship and emotions, natural beauties and hospitality of the people in Ozren Mountain, near Doboj. Attractive offers for your stay on this mountain, prices or any other information you can get in four languages: English, Italian (coming soon), German (coming soon) and Serbian. Feel free to contact us!

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